Boy, 6, Heroically Dials 911 After Pregnant Mother Falls Unconscious and Lands on Her Stomach

"We were really scared the baby wasn't going to be okay. I started having really bad abdominal pain, but everything turned out okay," the boy's mom said.

A California boy, 6, is being lauded as a hero in his community for his quick response after watching his pregnant mother faint and fall on her stomach.

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Danielle Incontro, 31, said she has been suffering minor fainting spells during her pregnancy, but last week, the episode was unlike the others. 

“I had been feeling kind of uneasy that day,” Incontro told “I remember getting super dizzy and very hot – all in one second.” 

She said that’s the last thing she remembered before she woke up on her stomach more than 10 minutes later, surrounded by firefighters and paramedics. 

“I don’t remember falling or anything of the actual incident,” she said. 

Luckily, the mom was not home alone.

Her six-year-old son Sawyer called her name several times before he dialed 911 and called for help, she said. Within minutes, first responders were at her home, helping her regain consciousness before taking her to the hospital.

“It didn’t fully sink in what he had done,” Incontro said. 

She said she spent the rest of the night in the hospital before doctors deemed the baby healthy, but had it not been for her son’s quick response, Incontro said her baby girl may not have made it.

“It was really scary. I started having really bad abdominal pain because I fell stomach down. We were really scared the baby wasn’t going to be okay,” she said. “It’s still sore and tender when I touch it, but everything turned out okay.”

Because of his quick thinking, little Sawyer is now being called a young hero in his community.

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The Orange County Fire Department has since declared Sawyer an honorary firefighter for his bravery in staying calm and dialing 911, and even presented him with a personalized firefighter’s helmet, according to KCAL.

Sawyer was also presented a challenge coin by the Irvine Police Department, who are now discussing nominating him for a medal of honor. 

“I know him well enough that it has been traumatic for him, so I’m glad he’s had all this attention,” his mom said, beaming with pride. “He’s wonderful.”

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