Firefighters Rescue Tiny, Blue-Eyed Puppy From Devastating Blaze

Despite appearing distressed at the time of rescue, Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue announced the poor pooch was soon back in his loving owner's arms.

No life is too small or insignificant for Florida firefighters—not even the life of this tiny puppy, who found himself the only victim of a devastating house fire.

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According to Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue, when firefighters responded to a house fire with “heavy smoke” on Saturday afternoon, they discovered a puppy, no larger than a firefighter’s hands, hiding out in a back room during the primary search.

The chief said the poor pooch appeared distressed but the blue-eyed puppy was immediately resuscitated using a pet oxygen mask, even though it appeared too big for his face. 

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The Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue was happy to announce on Facebook the pup, whose name is unknown, is well and "back in his owners loving arms.” 

Firefighters said no other people or animals were in the fire.

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