Cop Surprises Single Mother With A New Car After Hers Was Destroyed In Accident

"I was overwhelmed and full of emotion, because he really went above and beyond his duties, and that speaks volumes," Danielle Robinson said.

A devastating accident turned into a message of doing good when a police officer bought an Illinois woman a new car after hers was totaled.

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Officer Patrick Moody from the Moline Police Department told he went outside to check out a car accident that happened nearby the police station on Wednesday. 

Danielle Robinson, single mother, had told the officer she wasn’t at fault, but because Moody couldn’t find the other driver at fault either, she knew she would have to pay for the damages herself.

“Her insurance wasn’t going to cover the damage of her car,” Moody said. “Her 93 Chevy wasn’t worth much.”

Robinson, distraught, knew she wouldn’t be able to buy a new car after hers was declared a total loss.

“I wasn’t even thinking about me and if I’m okay,” she told “I was just thinking about work. That’s why I was freaking out—[my car] is pretty much my bread and butter.”

She said she was also worried about having to take her daughter and son to different afterschool activities by public transportation.

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Even though Moody could have easily gone about his day as planned, he thought to himself, “I need to help this gal out.”

He said since last year, he was inspired to do one major act of kindness every year after helping a homeless man back to his feet and he decided for this year, he would do something nice for Robinson.

Moody said he approached an old friend who owned the Cheap Car Silvis in Illinois, and asked if he had any used cars on his lot that would be a good fit for Robinson. 

His friend suggested a 2001 Chevy Altima, an upgrade from the car she had totaled. Inspired by Moody’s act of kindness, he even agreed to lower the price from $1,000 to $350, and absorbed the rest of the cost himself.

“If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have ever been able to put this together in under 24 hours,” Moody said.

The following day, he called Robinson back to the station under the pretense of filing more paperwork, but little did she know, Moody had her car waiting for her at the precinct.

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As they pulled up to the new car, Robinson could be seen doing a happy dance before pulling Moody into an emotional hug.

“I was overwhelmed and full of emotion, because he really went above and beyond his duties, and that speaks volumes,” Robinson said. “I’m glad God placed him in a position to be able to help me.”

Witnessing her reaction, Moody said, “She was so appreciative and so grateful. She was the happiest person in the entire world yesterday. 

Now, Robinson said because of Officer Moody’s kind actions, she now plans to pay it forward with her own good deeds: “This is a blessing. When you do good deeds, good deeds come back to you.”

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