Teen Allegedly Sets Fire to Car She Thought Was Her Ex-Boyfriend's - It Wasn't

A Florida teen allegedly tried to set fire to what she thought was her ex-boyfriend's car, but an unlucky man she didn't know was actually the victim.

A Florida teen allegedly tried to set her ex-boyfriend’s car on fire, and would have succeeded had she not gotten the vehicle wrong, according to police. 

Carmen Chamblee, 19, was allegedly caught on camera setting fire to a white Honda in Clearwater. She now faces second-degree arson charges, according to reports.

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In the video, a woman — believed to be Chamblee — stands behind the car, seemingly fanning the flames extending from a rag in the trunk, before walking away.

The man who actually owned the car, Thomas Jennings, is not Chamblee's ex-boyfriend. In fact, he didn't know who she was.

Jennings told WFTS he ran out to his car after his roommate told him it was ablaze. They tried to douse the flames with a bucket of water but it was too late, and the vehicle was destroyed.

Police told the station that Chamblee had set the car on fire in an act of revenge against her ex-boyfriend, but mistook his car for the one that belonged to Jennings.

The Clearwater Police Department posted a video of the incident to their Facebook page asking for tips last week, and it was through some of those tips that they were able to identify Chamblee, the department said.  

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Chamblee was taken into custody over the weekend after a Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Deputy spotted her just south of Clearwater, police said later in another Facebook post.  

Chamblee was being held on $10,000 bail, according to an inmate record.

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