Woman Who Didn't Know She Was Pregnant Goes Into Labor ... on Labor Day

"Shocked is an understatement," Jennifer Favela joked.

While going into labor may not be the true meaning of Labor Day, this family was happy to welcome a new addition to their family anyway — despite not even knowing they were pregnant.

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Jennifer Favela, 35, said she awoke in the middle of the night Monday thinking she had a severe stomach ache.

Out of nowhere, her water broke.

When her husband Jeff Parungoa called 911, he recalled telling the dispatcher: "I think my wife's having a baby, but we're not pregnant."

But, the baby seemed to run on a schedule of his own. Parungoa was delivering the newborn in the hallway of their home before paramedics even arrived, and by 4 a.m., they had welcomed a baby boy into their family.

"Shocked is an understatement," said Favela from her hospital bed at  Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank.

The mother-of-three told KCBS she didn't have morning sickness her entire pregnancy and recalled having light periods.

As far as pregnancy pounds, the couple didn't really notice them until last week, when Parungoa told his wife: "Man, you're gaining weight."

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"I knew I was gaining weight," Favela laughed, "but I thought of other things that I'm worried about. Just the stress of life, like other things that I'm going through."

Now, when friends and family begin asking what the couple did over the holiday weekend, Parungoa enjoys the response: "I just delivered a baby." 

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