Meet the Cosmetic Surgeon Who Livestreams His Procedures for All to See: 'It's Show Time'

Dr. Thomas Jeneby has been using Snapchat and Facebook Live to stream his surgeries, including breast enhancements.

A breast enhancement surgery can be nerve-racking enough, but what if it was posted online for all to see?

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Dr. Thomas Jeneby livestreams his cosmetic surgeries on social media. Julie Magharing, a 32-year-old mother of two and recent patient, agreed to have her procedure filmed and posted online.

Dr. Jeneby told Inside Edition: "People are hungry and are devouring the info we are providing them."

Magharing stays fit and is training to run her first marathon, but says she was tired of what she calls her "little girl look." So she checked into Dr. Jeneby’s San Antonio, Texas, SurgiCenter to get breast implants.

He livestreamed the procedure on Snapchat and Facebook Live. The practice has been met with controversy.

“We do get people that say this is unethical,” he said. “Everyone here has given permission.”

Magharing's husband, Ron, watched the event in the waiting room on his cell phone, saying, “I’m not that grossed out.”

The patient’s mother even watched from home, and instructed the doctor to be careful in a post of the stream.

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During the operation, the OR quickly became an interactive social media event, with the doctor even taking questions from viewers.

Some asked how long recovery would be. Others asked if the doctor recommends lipo before a tummy tuck.

Following the procedure, Magharing went home to watch the footage of her own procedure, which is now posted on the doctor's website.

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