Man's Service Animal - a 14-Foot Python - Causes Panic in Parking Lot After Escaping Car

A 14-foot python was on the loose in an Arkansas parking lot while his owner was inside gambling.

A night of fun and games ended in a shocking encounter with a 14-foot python for a group of friends in an Arkansas parking lot.

Kristi Freeman was outside of Oaklawn Racing & Gaming in Hot Springs with friends when they spotted the giant snake on the roof of a truck parked next to their vehicle.

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“We pretty much froze in fear,” Freeman told “It was crawling loose all over the truck. My best friend’s car was parked immediately beside that truck and we almost walked right into the snake.”

The snake’s owner, David Silvas, was inside the business when what he identified as his service animal, Ginger, escaped through the window that he left cracked to make sure she had air, according to Oaklawn security.

“We had to wait until my friend's husband could move the car before we could get in,” Freeman said.

Freeman notified the security for Oaklawn and paged Silvas. Silvas then went and put Ginger back inside the truck and left.

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Thankfully, for Freeman, who said she just got a pacemaker due to heart problems, it wasn’t worse.

“That thing scared the life out of me,” she said.

Neither police nor animal control were called to the scene. 

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