Kiddie Car Thieves: 5-Year-Old and 3-Year-Old Steal Family Car to Visit Grandma: Cops

The kids are most definitely not alright.

It’s hard to steal a car when you can’t see over the steering wheel.

And that's probably why a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old crashed into the side of a Volvo after stealing their family's SUV.

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The reason for the kids’ foray into grand theft auto? They wanted to see their grandmother, according to the Federal Way Police Department in Washington state.

While their mother was sleeping, the two managed to take her car keys and climb into her big Ford. One of them started the engine and drove down the street to a nearby intersection, where the SUV T-boned the four-door sedan, police said.

The children were not hurt. The Volvo’s driver had minor cuts and bruises, authorities said.

Neighbor Annmarie Warren said the crash sounded like “an explosion went off,” KOMO-TV reported. Warren said she held the children’s hands and asked “Where’s your mom?”

The kids said their mother was sleeping. One of them told her, “I want to go to my grandma’s house.”

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