Cheryl Burke's Painful Secret

Dancing with the Stars's Cheryl Burke has been hiding a dark secret and she recently opened up to People magazine. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Cheryl Burke is a fan favorite on Dancing with the Stars. She has twice won the competition, performing with celebrity partners Drew Lachey and Emmitt Smith, but now the world is finding out Burke has a dark secret. She was molested when she was 5 years old by her mailman.

Burke actually testified against the accused man when she was still in kindergarten.

Now she says every time she dances she fears her molester, who was sentenced to more than 20 years but is now out of prison, could be watching her on TV.

"My worst nightmare is to run into him" Burke told People magazine. "Not until he dies will I be able to not worry."

"Dancing with the Stars has 26 million viewers and it has crossed Cheryl's mind that he could be one of them. She said it creeps her out," says People magazine's Joey Bartolomeo.

In an excerpt from her new book, Dancing Lessons, Burke says she's struggled with her weight.

She writes that when blogs called her "fat" after a photo of her in a bikini was published, "It messed me up." But she says she started eating healthier and shed 10 pounds.

"She knows she's not the skinniest dancer on the show, but she's really happy with her body," Bartolomeo says.