Don't Rock the Boat: Terrifying Moment as Cruise Ship Suddenly Tilts in Ocean

Horrified passengers grabbed onto poles to steady themselves as the ship went on an angle.

Passengers traveling to Seattle aboard the Carnival Legend cruise ship got an adventure they didn’t expect when the boat tilted to a knee-buckling degree.

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The ship was returning from a week-long excursion around Alaska on August 29, when water from the upper deck swimming pools suddenly came pouring down on the decks below.

Videos show terrified passengers grabbing poles to steady themselves. Others held on to each other for dear life as plates crashed down on the kitchen floor.

Passengers tried to spread out to balance out the ship. During the confusion, passengers actually shifted the balance of weight to turn the ship upright.

Passenger Randy Gibbs tried his best to calm his kids.

In one video, one of his children can be heard saying: "This is the scariest thing."

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He remained calm, telling them: "It's all right buddy, we are doing okay."

Passenger Mark Woodward told Inside Edition Wednesday: "I thought we were going to crash because there was a lot of screaming and crying." 

Carnival says in a statement: “Carnival Legend experienced a technical issue related to the ship's starboard steering gear which caused the ship to unexpectedly list about eight degrees.” They also said the “issue was rapidly corrected and the ship proceeded to its scheduled stop” and the “ship has been operating since that times without any issues.”

The ship was corrected and arrived in Seattle on August 30.

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