Ex-Wife of Holland Tunnel 'Vigilante': 'He's a Fake, He's a Phony'

John Cramsey was arrested as he tried to drive through the Holland Tunnel with a truck full of weapons.

The ex-wife of the Pennsylvania man who was arrested after trying to drive a brightly painted pickup truck loaded with weapons through the Holland Tunnel claims her former beau is not who he says he is.

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John claimed he had a personal reason for his crusade. His 20-year-old daughter, Lexi, a fashion model, died of a drug overdose in January. Since then he's been obsessed with trying to rescue young people in peril.

He told Inside Edition: "It consumed me! I lived every day to help save other people."

But Cramsey's ex-wife Gina Cramsey told Inside Edition that he was not there for his family, saying: "He's a fake, he's a phony, he's a narcissist. I'm sorry, but I’m her mother and I raised her alone."

"I mean the coroner was still in my home and he was on Facebook posting that his daughter was dead,” she added.

She's accusing her ex-husband of exploiting their daughter's death to attract attention for himself.

Following his arrest in June, John, 50, initially raised speculation that he was a part of a terrorist plot, but pretty soon the real story emerged. Cramsey says he was no terrorist but a grieving father who was on a mission to rescue a young girl trapped in a New York City drug den.

"My life has been destroyed by this. People are taking things out of context," he told Inside Edition. “There’s no evidence that states that I was going to do any harm to anybody."

Gina resents John telling people their daughter was addicted to drugs. She believes she was tricked into taking a lethal dose of the powerful painkiller fentanyl.

"My daughter was not a drug addict,” she said. “I'm very angry at him for tarnishing my daughter’s name.”

John was arrested as he was about to drive through the Holland Tunnel which connects New Jersey to Manhattan. Police busted him with 2 companions — Kimberly Arendt, 29, and Dean Smith, 35. 

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John, who owns a gun range in Pennsylvania, admits it was a huge mistake to drive the truck filled with weapons into New York.

“It was an oversight of an exhausted man,” he said.

On Wednesday, John was released after a judge lowered his bail. He was greeted by applause from supporters as he was escorted out of the courtroom.

He still faces weapons, marijuana, and drug paraphernalia charges along with his two co-defendants. They have all pleaded not guilty.

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