3-Year-Old Has Ultimate Sugar Rush at Seattle Mariners Game and Becomes Internet Sensation

A big ol' serving of neon-blue cotton candy went right to little Beatrix's head.

There are sugar rushes. And then there's what happened to toddler Beatrix Hart at a Seattle Mariners game.

The precocious 3-year-old made her way through a massive serving of blue cotton candy, and then apparently lost her little mind.

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After Mariners first baseman Adam Lind smacked a grand slam at Safeco Field, Beatrix flipped out in a sheer meltdown of grimacing, smiling, bug-eyed joy. She vibrated like a tuning fork, sending her father and mother, as well as those around them, into fits of laughter.

Then the fan cam captured Beatrix’s sugar-and-fan-love overload and Mariners administrators made a GIF of her image and posted it on the team’s Facebook page.

You can guess what happened next.

Her freak-out went viral.

 Her parents were amused by all the attention following Wednesday’s game. But their daughter’s silliness is all just part of life with Beatrix.

“She’s a pretty goofy girl,” her mom, Virginia, told InsideEdition.com Thursday. “They were just filming, and they went by just as she was being herself.”

Dad Jake Hart is an actor, and he posted a photo of Beatrix taken at the end of the night, as they left the game.

She is zonked out in her car seat, no worse for sugar wear.

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“That was way more sugar than I ever give her,” Virginia Hart said. “But it was a special occasion.”

The New Jersey family is on vacation in the Seattle area, visiting old friends while Jake does some acting work.

The Harts are New York Mets fans, but love baseball of any stripe.

Since the Mariners game, Beatrix’s parents have shown her some of her internet postings.

“She thinks it’s pretty funny,” said her mom. “She giggled. But I don’t think she has any idea what a viral video is.

“She’s a 3-year-old. She’s excited about pretty much everything,” said Beatrix’s mother.

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