Sheriff Warns Curious Bear Cub Not to Knock Over Trash Cans, but Was It Compliant?

Even though the sheriff said loud and clear, "do not knock over the garbage can," the bear seems to look up at the sheriff, as if testing him.

This California sheriff's office wanted to send a firm warning that every action has its consequences, even when the suspect is a tiny bear that somehow snuck its way into the department.

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When the bear cub wandered into the Placer County Sheriff's Office in Sacramento earlier this week, curiosity seemed to get the best of it

The animal can be seen hopping on his hind legs in a video uploaded to Facebook, as the animal turned its attention to a trash can for a snack.

Before he knew what was happening, a sheriff firmly warned, "Do not knock over that garbage can."

As if testing him, the bear seems to look up at the sheriff, before tipping the bin slightly.

"Better not," the sheriff calmly warns. "You better not."

Intimidated, the bear seems to pause where he is.

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While the video cuts off before the end, the Placer County Sheriff's Office assured the public on Facebook: "He didn't knock over the trash can!"

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