Winter's Wrath Won't Let Up

Another winter storm pounds the east coast, shutting down schools and airports, and has most everyone asking, when will spring arrive? INSIDE EDITION has details from the winter wonderland.

It looks like a winter wonderland in the northeast after a record three feet of snow this month. But it's a nightmare for people digging out.

President Obama, returning from a trip to Wisconsin, was caught in the storm too. The marine one helicopter was grounded. The President had to travel by motorcade through gridlocked DC traffic. It took over an hour to go eight miles to the White House.

One woman called Good Morning America, to say she was stranded inside a shuttle bus at Newark Airport with three children and said, "I called Newark Police Department several times and still nobody has come to see if my children are ok, to see what is going on, to try to get the bus out of the way, nobody has come out."

One New Yorker found a way around the traffic nightmare. He went skiing on Manhattan's upper west side, even going over a jump.

CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric, pushed TV mogul, Barry Diller's sports car out of the snow.

Couric tweeted, "Only in New York, helping Barry Diller push his Maserati out of the snow in central park on my way to work. My own commute was a nightmare too."

IINSIDE EDITION followed our Paul Boyd on his commute to work. After about two hours of shoveling and a quick shower, Boyd drove to the train station trying to get into New York City. Boyd saw walls of snow and trains going slowly on the tacks.

Trains have been cancelled. They're running serious delays, but now after more than an hour, finally he sees a train approaching. Boyd gets on Board.

The snow storm really slowed down the train, but  Boyd made it to New York. Time to jump on the subway.

"And here I am at INSIDE EDITION's studio. Almost six hours after I first started shoveling. I think we've all had enough of winter. How many more days until spring?" Boyd says.