Bowie, the Koala With One Blue Eye and One Brown Eye, Released Back Into the Wild

Bowie the koala was born with one blue eye and one brown eye, but "her eyesight is great," her veterinarian said.

This koala once mesmerized audiences at the Australia Zoo with her different colored eyes, but after a three-month period of resting and recovering from recent injuries, she's being released back to her home.

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Bowie, the koala with one blue eye and one brown eye, was rescued by the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital after they suspected she was hit by a car in June, a press statement reported.

"It only took one look at Bowie to realize how special she is," said the Australia Zoo's Richard Jackson, who was involved in the koala's rescue.

Initial examinations showed she only suffered minor injuries, but veterinarians also discovered she had heterochromia, a rare genetic condition more commonly found in domestic animals that caused her mismatched eyes.

"Bowie's heterochromia doesn't affect how she sees the world around her," the koala's veterinarian Dr. Sharon Griffiths said in a press statement. "In fact her eyesight is great."

The zoo was then inspired to name the koala after late rock star David Bowie, whose eyes were also different colors.

For the following months, Bowie swung from trees and explored her surroundings as veterinarians treated her minor injuries and nursed her back to health.

Jackson said in a press statement that her case is even more unique because she was able to be rehabilitated and rereleased back in the wild.

"She gets to go back out into the wild a healthy koala who can contribute to the declining south east Queensland koala population" said Richard.

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Officials said this time of year is extremely risky for koalas since they are moving around more to find a mate.

The increased activity makes the more vulnerable to conflicts with humans, cars and other animals, the press release stated.

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