20 Years After JonBenet Ramsey's Death, Her Pageant Friends Remember 'Fun-Loving Kid'

Twenty years after her death, these women still think about JonBenet during their major milestones.

The girls who once shared the pageant stage with JonBenet Ramsey may be all grown up, but still think about the tragic beauty queen, even 20 years after her death.

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Thumper Gosney once competed with JonBenet for the title of Little Miss Sunburst 1996.

Now a hairstylist, Gosney told Inside Edition: “I remember her personality. The spunk she had on stage.”

During breaks in the competition, she said they would often sneak off to play together.

“My mom didn't see me for 20 to 30 minutes. I was playing Barbies with JonBenet,” she said.

Brandi Vigil still has all her pageant paraphernalia. She performed in a dance troupe with JonBenet and took a picture with her at a Christmas party just a week before JonBenet was killed.

Today, Vigil works as a kindergarten teacher.

Breanne Griego and JonBenet both won the Little Miss Colorado crown.

“She had a bright light about her,” the current history teacher told Inside Edition. “She was just a really nice fun-loving kid.”

The women remember how JonBenet's death cast a dark cloud over the pageant world.

Vigil said: “Pageants were a big part of our lives and there was such a stigma. I didn’t want to go there for a while, not because of the pageants, but because of the media and the stigma."

The women say they have often thought about their late friend often, especially at life's major milestones, like going off to college.

Gosney added: "I actually had dreams about [JonBenet]. She was grown up and she was this crazy happy girl it was awesome to see her doing cheerleading and all kinds of stuff. I've had multiple dreams about her.”

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Griego said: “I thought this would have been something she would have done. She was a smart fun-loving kid — she would have had so much fun at college. She would have been the center of everything at college. She'd be the older version of her 6-year-old self. She'd be a confident girl. She'd be beautiful and she would enjoy everything that she chose to do in life.”

JonBenet was found murdered in her Boulder, Colorado, home on Christmas 1996. Her case remains open as her killer has never been found. 

There has been renewed interest in the notorious case with several TV specials and interviews related to the investigation.

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