Plumber Pictured Diving Head-First Into Muddy Water Gets the NYC Treatment

Jimmie Cox, the symbol of the American can-do spirit, was treated to an epic day in the Big Apple.

No one deserves a day of pampering more than the utility worker who dove head-first into muddy water to fix a busted water pipe.

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Jimmie Cox, 23, became a symbol of the American working spirit thanks to his “can-do” spirit.

Inside Edition flew him — along with his girlfriend and daughter — from Fort Worth, Texas, to New York City, where a stylist helped him pick out new clothes at the popular Century 21 department store.

After he got some new threads, Cox received a well-deserved massage at Caudalie Vinotherapie Spa, located at the famed Plaza hotel.

“I don't get pampered often, so this is a completely new experience and it's pretty awesome,” he said.

He then got his beard trimmed and hair styled, as Cox proclaimed: "I never used product before in my life."

The family then took a trip to Times Square — "the crossroads of the world" — where he met some actual fans.

One man, incredibly direct, told Cox: “You know what? You have a very nice butt. It went viral."

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The family then ended their day by devouring a chocolate pizza at Max Brenner.

"This might be the best pizza I’ve ever seen or eaten," Cox said. "Oh my God!"

His hard work has paid off, and Cox headed back to Texas with a new look, relaxation and most importantly a full stomach.

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