She Was Catfished! Woman Smacked in the Face and Knocked Out by Fish That Fell From Sky

Her husband believes it was dropped by a large bird.

A Pennsylvania woman got a big scaly surprise when she says a catfish fell out of the sky and hit her in the face, knocking her to the ground.

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Lisa Lobree says she was walking near the Philadelphia Art Museum during Labor Day weekend and was suddenly smacked to the ground by the falling fish.

She said she only suffered a cut near her eye but the fact that she was taken down by a fish from the heavens may be damaging to her pride.

Her husband, Cameron Abrams, posted about the experience on Facebook, saying the five-pound fish was dropped by “clumsy bald eagle.”

Witnesses at the scene reported seeing a large bird — a vulture, hawk or eagle-type — fly away after the fish hit the bystander. A bird that large could have easily carried the fish, which witnesses say was about 18 inches long, in its mouth.

"It definitely hurt me and I didn't know what happened," Lobree told The Philadelphia Inquirer. “I smelled really bad. I was so disgusted. I was a little bit shocked, actually."

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Lobree, who lives in Philadelphia, said she walked home and immediately took a shower after the incident.

"It could have been so much worse," she told the paper. "What if it hit a child? It was a not a fun experience, but there are so many worse things that could've happened. It's probably one of the strangest things that [has] happened to me in my life."

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