Creative Cops Use Leftover Burrito to Rescue Kitten Trapped in Drain

One of the officers involved in the rescue even plans to adopt the feline and name it Burrito.

Let's taco-bout the poor kitten who was rescued after being trapped inside a drain pipe, thanks to two kindhearted California cops — and a leftover burrito.

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Officers from the Parlier Police Department arrived on the scene when they heard about a hungry kitty, meowing from inside the pipe.

Luckily, the cops weren't afraid to get a little dirty and a little creative.

Using a partially eaten burrito, the two officers are able to lure the purring feline to safety.

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According to the Facebook post, the kitten is now safe in the custody of Parlier Animal Control, and one of the officers hopes to provide a loving home to the feline.

He even plans to name it Burrito.

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