6-Year-Old Photographed with Hillary Clinton as She Left Chelsea's Apartment Says It Was 'Exciting'

After Hillary Clinton emerged from Chelsea's apartment, one little girl got a Kodak moment with the Democratic presidential nominee.

The little girl who ran up to Hillary Clinton as she left daughter Chelsea’s apartment Sunday says she was floored when the Democratic presidential nominee offered to take a picture with her.

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Six-year-old Irene Reismann lives next door to Chelsea Clinton and her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, in Manhattan.

Speaking to Inside Edition, the little girl recalled the incident, saying: "So, she said: 'Do you want to take a picture with me?' I said, 'yes!'"

The girl said it was “so exciting” to snap a photo with the former secretary of state, who had come to the apartment to relax after appearing wobbly while leaving the New York City 9/11 memorial ceremony Sunday.

Hillary Clinton is said to be doing fine after being diagnosed with a pneumonia, which forced her to leave the somber event early.

Bill Clinton has gone on the defensive for his wife, reassuring Charlie Rose Monday that Hillary Clinton will return to the campaign trail this week. She has taken a few days off to recover from the pneumonia.

Rose said to the 42nd president: “When you look at that collapse you wonder if it's not more serious.”

No, no. She got dehydrated,” Bill Clinton said. “The same thing has happened before.”

After she collapsed, Hillary asked to be taken to Chelsea’s apartment, which some news reports say was a breach of protocol. She should have been taken to an emergency room. But her critics say she was worried that word about her illness would leak.

The New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd told CBS This Morning Tuesday: “This goes to a problem she has had since Arkansas, she had it as first lady. When a relatively mundane problem comes up she stonewalls and is defensive and then the press goes into a frenzy and then it snowballs into something that it never needed to be in the first place.”

Appearing on the Today show Tuesday, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly weighed in on Hillary’s illness, saying: “You put out press release, she's ill. I don't see what the big deal is. I don't understand the secrecy.”

The late night comics also had a field day with her recent health issues.

On The Daily Show, host Trevor Noah joked: “The press has a right to know, as does everyone she kissed and touched this weekend. Look at her handing out pneumonia like it was a free sample at Costco – ‘would you like some?’”

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Conan O’Brien had the audience chuckle during his opening monologue joke.

"Hillary Clinton of course not feeling well and Donald Trump is actually being nice about it," the host said. "That’s right! Donald Trump says he wishes Hillary Clinton a speedy recovery from her pneumonia. That is true, that is what he said. He said: ‘Get well soon, you shrill, lying crook.'"

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