When Her Limo Broke Down, Bride Forced to Hitchhike to Her Own Wedding

The limo blew a tire. But that wasn't about to stop this bridal party.

It’s a beautiful afternoon. You’re all dressed up in your wedding gown, on the way to say ‘"I do," sipping bubbly in the back of a limo with your bridesmaids when there’s an awful thump.

A tire has blown and there's no spare. What's a bride to do? Angelique Arsenault wasn’t about to let a road mishap get in the way of her walking down the aisle.

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She hauled herself out of the backseat, trailed by four attendants in gowns and high heels, and stuck out her thumb in the middle of Russell Hill Rd. in Brookline, New Hampshire, not exactly a main thoroughfare.

“A couple of cars actually drove by and laughed at us and took pictures. But they didn’t stop,” Arsenault told InsideEdition.com by phone from her honeymoon trip to Acadia National Park.

Then a sweet man who only wanted to be identified as Jay pulled up in a Suburban with two kids inside. Let me just drop them off, and I’ll come back, he told the women.

“We were all just cracking up on the side of the road,” Arsenault said. “The whole bridal party was just standing there.”

The champagne helped.

A few minutes later, true to his word, Jay was back and the five women piled in, and off they went to the wedding venue seven miles up the country roads.

“Somebody called somebody and told them we would be late,” the bride said.

They were actually 30 minutes late.

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And there was no time to explain the tale of the broken-down limo, because as soon as they stepped out of Jay’s Suburban, “we just ended up walking down the aisle,” Arsenault said.

After Saturday’s nuptials, as the internet exploded with interest about the hitchhiking bride, Arsenault said her phone started ringing and hasn’t stopped.

She and her new husband, Jarrod Dunning, arrived at their honeymoon cottage Monday in Maine’s breathtaking Acadia parklands.

On Tuesday, she turned off her phone.

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