Cops Stumped After Purported Human Heart Mysteriously Turns Up in Ohio Field

Officials in Norwalk, Ohio, believe the organ found in a plastic bag in a field is from a person.

Officials in an Ohio town have been scratching their heads about the discovery of what is believed to be a human heart in a field. 

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Norwalk police Sgt. Jim Fulton told that the suspicious organ was discovered in a plastic bag late last month by a couple of EMS workers waiting in their ambulance for a call.

The perplexed EMS workers asked dispatch what to do about the "fresh" heart and were initially told just to toss it.

"They placed it in a Dumpster," Sgt. Fulton said. "Then they got a call back and were told to retrieve it."

Experts who examined the heart were all but certain it came from a human being, but it has been sent to the county coroner for testing to be sure. 

Until then, Fulton and the town of Norwalk are left wondering how on Earth the heart ended up discarded in the field near a convenience store.

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One theory, Fulton said, is that it came from a funeral home. Another is that it could have once been a medical specimen that was tossed out for reasons unknown.

But with no one in Norwalk reporting a missing heart, authorities may not even have an answer when the results come back, likely within the next couple of weeks.

"It's a real strange situation," Fulton said.

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