The Return of Octomom: Notorious Mother Poses With Her 8 Kids, Now 7 Years Old

The woman known as Octomom now leads a healthy lifestyle.

The woman infamously known throughout the world as “Octomom” says she now wants to be known by her real name.

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Natalie Suleman says she's living a healthy lifestyle and no longer partakes in porn shoots or stripping.

She told "I had to kill Octomom to save my life. No one hates the Octomom more than me."

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She has also denounced her porn past as "dehumanizing and exploitative."

Her famous octuplets are now 7 years old — 6 boys and 2 girls — who look happy and healthy. She says everyone in her family eats a vegetarian diet.

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When Inside Edition visited her in 2012, the house was a chaotic mess. Her brood of kids — 14 in all — had punched out holes and defaced the walls.

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Now, the woman once known as Octomom says she’s working as a counselor. She says her family is now in a healthy and happy place.

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