Fran Drescher Speaks Out with Gay Ex-husband

Fran Drescher and her ex-husband are side-by-side talking openly about the end of their marriage and when she found out he was gay. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

Fran Drescher in her first side-by-side interview with her gay ex-husband. Fran told Oprah Winfrey how she struggled to deal with the fact that the man she married was homosexual.

"The marriage did go south and take a sour turn," said Drescher.

"I didn't want to fail at this marriage," she continued.

Fran married her high-school sweetheart Peter Jacobson in 1978. They went on to produce her hit sitcom The Nanny together.

Jacobson said, "I thought I was straight."

Oprah asked, "Did you have a healthy sex relationship."

"Yes we did. We used to think we must be having better sex than our friends," said Jacobson.

The couple even appeared on Oprah in 1996 to talk about their seemingly blissful marriage.

But in reality, Jacobson was questioning his sexuality. The situation grew worse after that now notorious night when Drescher was raped at gunpoint in her home. Jacobson was tied up by the attackers.

"It was a very difficult time for us," said Drescher.

She continued, "He went into therapy and at that point was when he started to get in touch with the fact that he had feelings that he wanted to talk about"

Drescher's marriage later dissolved in acrimony.

"We didn't speak for a year. The day after The Nanny ended, I left," said Jacobson.

"He moved to New York. He couldn't get far enough away from me," said Drescher.

But Drescher and her ex reconciled and now insist they are best friends.

Drescher and Jacobson have just shot a pilot for TV Land called Happily Divorced which is based on their relationship.