Toddlers Who Grew Up Together in Chinese Orphanage Reunite After Being Adopted by Neighbors

"It's a miracle. [Dawson] is adopted by such a great family that lives so close to us, and Hannah gets to have him as a little friend," Hannah's mom said.

These toddlers, 3 and 4, never thought they would be reunited in this Texas airport, especially since the last time they saw each other was more than a year ago in a Chinese orphanage.

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In a short video of their very first meeting after more than a year apart, Hannah, 4, and Dawson, 3, can be seen hugging and kissing as they fall over in excitement.

"My heart just burst into joy," Hannah's mom, Sharon Sykes told "It's a miracle. He's adopted by such a great family that lives so close to us, and Hannah gets to have him as a little friend. I'm overjoyed."

Sykes and her husband were in the process of adopting Hannah when they realized there was a little boy who was right next to her in every single picture.

"When we went to the actual orphanage to get her, she was hugging him and they were giving each other kisses," Sykes remembered. "That was her little friend, how could I leave him there?"

Even after Hannah joined her family of two biological sons, Sykes said she couldn't stop thinking about that little boy, and even began losing sleep over him.

So she reached out to people in her community, and hoped that through word of mouth, there might be someone out there considering an overseas adoption.

Amy Clary, however, wasn't even thinking about adopting.

Clary told that she already had three kids of her own, including a 3-month-old daughter.

But, when she overheard some friends were talking about the little boy's story, out of the blue, she told them, "okay, I think we will."

Clary joked as she admitted to that she never imagined herself having a big family but, said, "[having kids] is addictive."

Despite Dawson's hydrocephalus, a buildup of water in the brain that leads to headaches and an enlarged head, would add another complication to the decision, Clary said she felt compelled to go through with this adoption with the help and support of Sykes and her family.

Just in time for Hannah's 4th birthday last weekend, she was reunited with Dawson, the boy she grew up with more than 7,000 miles away.

"I think they're going to get married," Clary laughed. "It's like they're a part of a love story, although it's not realistic for a 3-year-old." 

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Since Dawson's arrival in America last week, Clary said the two families have been visiting every day.

Just like old times, Dawson and Hannah call each other by their Chinese names, Dada and Shui Shui, and continue to have rambling conversations in Chinese, which neither Sykes nor Clary understand.

"One day, a white woman comes and snatches you away — it's kind of scary!" Clary joked. "To see a familiar face and be able to look at Hannah and be like, 'Oh, everything's okay.' I wanted him to feel really comfortable." 

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