Couple Built 14-Foot-Long Bed So They Could Sleep Comfortably With Their 8 Dogs

"Most mornings, I wake up and feel like I need a hip replacement trying to sleep around all these dogs," Mariesa Hughes of New York used to say.

Like most people, this upstate New York couple goes to sleep every night with their dogs cuddled up beside them. But, as they adopted their 7th big dog, the task became more and more daunting.

Unwilling to kick their pooches to the floor, they instead created a 14-foot-long bed.

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Mariesa Hughes, co-founder of senior dog rescue The Mr. Mo Project, told she and her husband were having trouble sleeping at night because there were too many dogs on their bed.

"Most mornings, I wake up and feel like I need a hip replacement trying to sleep around all these dogs," she joked. "But, we want them to sleep with us."

So, inspired by the spare full sized mattress they had in their home, her husband Chris came up with the idea to create a "superbed."

Chris envisioned their king-sized mattress toward the head of the bed, and their full-sized mattress turned sideways attached to the foot. In total, the bed would be just under 14 feet long, and 7 feet wide. The headboard itself would be 6 feet tall.

Mariesa joked that her husband, who is a powerlifter, would benefit the most from this bed: "He's a really big guy."

With the idea in mind, they contacted a custom builder, who brought their vision to reality.

"He ran into a couple obstacles," Mariesa said. "He built the head board too big, and couldn't get it out of his basement. We had to start over."

But, six months later, the couple was presented with their solid cherry wood, hand carved, super-sized bedframe that they, along with all of their dogs, could sleep in comfortably — even after they adopted another dog along the way.

"My greyhounds weren't up on the bed very much [before], but they have both been able to sleep on the bed," Mariesa said. "We have at least five dogs scattered throughout the bed, and my hips feel great."

The creation even comes with a miniature set of stairs at the foot of their bed, so their older dogs would have an easier time climbing on.

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While the project, which ultimately cost $4,800, seems like a big feat, Mariesa told that this wasn't the first time the couple adjusted their home to accommodate all of their dogs.

"We also made a to-scale dog ramp in the backyard," she said. "We had a dog in a wheelchair who needed it."

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