Girl, 4, Drives Barbie Car to Bring Her Birthday Presents for Family Who Lost Everything in Fire

The Walker-Vu family had lost everything in the fire, including their dog, and 4-year-old Becca VanZyll knew she needed to do something to help.

When this 4-year-old from West Michigan heard her neighbors had lost everything in a devastating fire, she knew she wanted to do everything in her power to help — even if that meant loading up all her birthday presents into her Barbie car, and delivering the supplies herself.

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"I was proud," 4-year-old Becca's mom Jackie VanZyll told "I was happy that she was willing to do that."

She said she was on her way to her son's football game when she finally saw the damage the blaze had done to her neighbors' home.

The Walker-Vu family, whom she did not know personally, had lost everything. The family was able to escape unharmed, except for their dog, which perished in the fire.

"I talked to my kids, and we decided to do something," VanZyll said.

One of their neighbors was collecting supplies for the family, so little Becca decided she would deliver her contributions herself, in her Barbie Mustang.

The family helped Becca dig up all her birthday presents and Christmas gifts, and load it into her car.

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"She wanted to keep adding more stuff," VanZyll said.

She told that she hopes her efforts, in addition to the GoFundMe campaign started for the Walter-Vus, will help make this time easier for the family who lost all their possessions.

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