INSIDE EDITION Reveals Dallas's Hottest Bachelors

INSIDE EDITION is on the hunt for the hottest bachelor in Dallas. Check out these finalists and cast your vote now!

Buff bods, rock hard abs, and killer smiles. Listen up single ladies, these men not only light up the camera...they'll light up your life, and they're all single!

We searched high and low to find the ten hottest bachelors in Dallas. INSIDE EDITION brought the guys together at Studio Ninety-Two for a super sexy shoot with photographer, Dixie Dixon.

Before their close up, each guy dropped and gave us 20. Then, we made sure they were properly moisturized.

34 -year-old Shane Land will not only protect your heart, he'll protect your wallet. He's the chief financial officer for a Dallas-based company.

"I'm the money guy," Land says.

Models David Bates and Brandon Collins have no problem turning on the charm.

We've even got a pro football player, Dallas Cowboy Jesse Holley. This wide receiver is looking for a woman who can cook.  

"Somewhere you're out there, you just gotta come find me!" Holley says.
We caught up with him working out with fellow football player, Freddie Harris of the Arena Football League, at Cooper Fitness Center.   

32-year-old Aron Williams, works in medical sales and is ready to settle down and says, "I do want to get married. Mom is pressuring me for grandkids."

Maurice Williams not only has a great body, he has a great mind too. He's a 32-year-old English professor and he told us exactly what he's looking for in a woman.  

19-year-old Scott Blosel is studying to be an EMT.

And rounding out the top ten: Marcellus May, is a full-time student, and Phillip Willis, who works as a concierge.

So, if you're looking for a reason to head to Dallas...we'll give you ten!