Woman Was Arrested by Cop After She Allegedly Stole 3 of His French Fries

The french-fry burglar was charged with second-degree theft, police said.

Do not come between a police officer and his French fries.

A Maryland woman was arrested for petty theft last week after she allegedly stole three fries from the plate of a Washington, D.C., cop on his dinner break, police said.

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The fry theft happened after two women sat down next to an officer eating dinner in a local restaurant. After trying to chat him up, police said, one of the women reached over and grabbed a fry from his plate.

After she snatched a second one, the cop told her to stop, according to a police.

“I politely asked [the woman] to not do that again because I paid for that food and she was stealing from me and she could be arrested for theft of my food,” the officer wrote in his report according to Fox 5

The woman allegedly replied, “Well then you might as well take me to jail.”

Then she leaned over and took another fry, the officer said. He then arrested her for second-degree theft, a misdemeanor.

The report listed the stolen property as “French Fried Potato... quantity 3."

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