Reports Claim Donald Trump Once Used $20G in Charity Money to Buy Painting of Himself

A new report in the Washington Post has launched the New York attorney general to look into what the charity has done.

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has launched an inquiry into The Trump Foundation after reports surfaced about “troubling transactions” made by the charity organization.

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A scathing report on the charity in The Washington Post found some “troubling transactions,” including the claim that Donald Trump once used $20,000 of the organization’s funds to buy a six-foot portrait of himself.

The Trump campaign is hitting back, calling Schneiderman, who is a Democrat, "a partisan hack” and the investigation, "nothing more than another left wing hit job."

At the same time, Trump's candidacy was blasted by Colin Powell in leaked emails.

After the former secretary of state was hacked, one of the revealed emails shows him calling Trump “a national disgrace” with “no sense of shame,” and “an international pariah.”

Powell goes on to slam Trump for questioning President Obama’s birth certificate saying, "the whole birther movement was 'racist.'"

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He’s also raising doubts about Hillary Clinton’s health, saying, “she doesn't look good.”

He added: “She is working herself to death."

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