Capri Anderson Speaks About Sheen's Lifestyle

INSIDE EDITION talks to Capri Anderson, the woman from Charlie Sheen's notorious night at New York's Plaza hotel, about his latest escapade at his home this week.  

Adult film star, Capri Anderson speaks out exclusively to INSIDE EDITION about Charlie Sheen's latest meltdown.

"Is he out of control?" asked INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret.

"I was more shocked than anything. I thought after the past he would have wised up," says Anderson.

Anderson was the paid escort  who was in Sheen's posh suite at The Plaza Hotel last October, when he went on a booze-fueled rampage.

She won't talk about what happened that night in New York, because she's now suing Sheen.  

But she has plenty to say about his latest shocking hospitalization in Los Angeles after yet another night of wild partying.

"It seemes to me the Charlie has been on a bender since the fiasco at the Plaza," says Anderson.

INSIDE EDITION asked Anderson about claims being made by another adult film star, Kacey Jordan. Who says she was a guest at Sheen's mansion during his so called "epic party" that landed him in the hospital.

Even though Anderson has said she feared for her life that night at the Plaza, she now says she's concerned about what Sheen is doing to himself.

Anderson has a message for the troubled star Charlie Sheen, " I hope to god that Charlie can get it together."