Pump and Glory: Inside the World of Female Bodybuilders

Inside Edition has gone behind the scenes at the National Physique Committee Competition.

Dozens of women with bulging muscles are fulfilling their big dreams at the National Physique Committee Competition in Riverside, California.

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Inside Edition went behind the scenes at the June competition, where amateur female bodybuilders competed alongside the men with hopes of turning pro.

Christa Cassese just started competing and told Inside Edition: “I want to reach the top. Why not? It would definitely be a dream of mine to go professional.”

The day begins in the makeup chair. Then comes the body glue, where bikinis are pasted into place to avoid wardrobe malfunctions. Finally, the competitors are spray tanned before taking the stage.

One trick the contestants have prior to competitions is eating lots of carbs before the big show to create a fuller, muscular look.

Once showtime comes, the women take turns flexing and posing. Judges in this competition are looking for a muscular physique, as well as a feminine shape.

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Christa Caccese won silver for her bikini class. Buddy Monk, who went from overweight to overachiever, won two medals in her quest to go pro.

Santiago Almazan won the gold in the men’s category. He told Inside Edition: “This is amazing.” 

They're all one step closer to turning pro, and achieving their dreams.

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