Is This the Sexiest Teacher Alive? Curvy Educator Heating Up Social Media

Fourth grade teacher Patrice Brown has social media in a tizzy over her sexy selfies.

A fourth grade teacher from Atlanta, who's being called the sexiest teacher alive, has been attracting numerous fans on social media who regard her as "#teacherbae."

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Patrice Brown doesn't mind showing off all her curves in the classroom, and her sultry snaps have quickly gone viral.


?✏️? Today is a great day to have "Great Day"

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??✏️ #Work #ThankYouJesus

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Her voluptuous body is leading to a big debate — is she too sexy for the classroom?

Thousands have flooded her Instagram and Twitter accounts with comments.

“She needs to wear something that fits her correctly not skin tight,” one person wrote.

“I don’t know about body tight dresses for work,” wrote another.

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Another said: “She can still dress attractively, but should dress more modestly.”

But among the commenters, Brown has many supporters.

One person said: “She's gorgeous and has curves.”

A fellow educator wrote: “She looks awesome! Some people expect us teachers to dress and act like nuns.”

Brown recently posted about the critics with the phrase, "this too shall pass."


My only focus is to remain FOCUSED! #TheBiggerPicture

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She says she's proud of her body and has no intention of changing the way she dresses.

Brown is said to not be in trouble with her school.

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