Photographer Captures Touching Photo of Mom, Child and Husband 2 Years After Man's Death

After a Texas family suffered a tragedy, a photographer provided them with an image that won't soon be forgotten.

An incredible photo of a woman and her child with a shadow of her late husband has hearts melting across the internet.

Phoenix photographer Laura Gordillo first captured Stephanie Summers in 2013 in Texas for a wedding anniversary photo shoot with her husband. The couple hadn’t had professional photos for their wedding, so the shoot was a special moment for them.

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"She had been following my work for a while and she was excited to hire me," said Gordillo. "They toasted with champagne and the shoot went well."

But, Summers’ husband, Taurean Summers, a paramedic, tragically passed away in a plane crash a year or so later in 2014. Summers was five months pregnant.

“Stephanie reached out to me the next day... letting me know that he passed away and asking me if I had any more pictures,” said Gordillo.  “I just printed some pictures out for her and mailed them to her. I could not stop crying.”

A few months earlier, Gordillo had created an image in which she Photoshopped her niece's deceased grandfather into a picture for her Quinceanera. Summers saw the image and asked Gordillo to do something similar for her and baby, Taurean Jr. 

The three traveled to the same locations that they had gone to for their previous shoot in El Paso.

“I was very sad. As a mother and wife is couldn't imagine going through life without my husband.  I also felt a sense of comfort to be able to do this for Stephanie and baby Taurean,” said Gordillo.  

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Summers was in love with the photo, according to Gordillo, and they both Taurean and mom look at it every day.

"It turned out so beautiful. I didn’t expect it to turn out so real. It took me a really long time to edit,” said Gordillo. “Before I posted it on social media I emailed it to her at 4 a.m. She said ‘I’m in tears this is perfect. It’s like he’s there. She said my son and I have a photo forever.'"

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