400 Students Sing Hymns in Teacher's Backyard After He Stops Cancer Treatment

Although students missed exams to join their teacher in prayer, the headmaster said, "What was learned that day, cannot be taught in a classroom."

More than 400 heartbroken students flocked to a beloved teacher's front yard in the middle of the school day to sing hymns after hearing he was to discontinue treatment for his cancer.

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Earlier this week, high school students at the Christ Presbyterian Academy in Nashville received some devastating news about their beloved Latin and bible study teacher, Ben Ellis.

A year after being diagnosed with an aggressive cancer, Ellis, who had been teaching at the school for eight years, had decided to stop treatment.

After students were given the news earlier this week, "our students and faculty wanted to express their love for someone who has significantly changed their lives. Our high school principal stopped class, loaded the buses, and went," the school said in a statement.

In a video provided by the Christ Presbyterian Academy, Ellis and his wife could be seen looking down at the uplifting scene, and singing along to the hymns of praise and worship.

"It was beautiful to see students surround him with this display of love and comfort," Headmaster Nate Morrow told InsideEdition.com. "Every single person there felt the power and weight of the experience."

Although students missed exams and homework to join Ellis in prayer, Morrow said, "What was learned that day, cannot be taught in a classroom."

According a statement from the school, Ellis himself has five children that currently attend Christ Presbyterian Academy.

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The moving tribute even attracted the attention of country singer Tim McGraw, who reposted the video to his own Facebook page, and wrote: "Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family."

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