Nurses Throw Wedding for Woman Who Canceled Hers Twice Due to Kidney Failure

Hospital nurses came together to throw Heidi Fisk a wedding because she's had to cancel her own plans twice.

Having to postpone her wedding multiple times due to her battle with kidney failure, Heidi Fisk was ecstatic when Duke University Hospital, where she regularly stays, decided to put one together for her.

Heidi, 24, has been sick for six years and been with her boyfriend, Jerremie Duncan, for seven. She twice planned a September wedding, in honor of the month the two finally got together after knowing each other since kindergarten, but had to cancel both due to complications with her condition.

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“I think love means sticking together no matter what obstacle comes your way,” Heidi said after the wedding. "I've been through so much with hospitalizations and heart surgery, and sometimes I thought I wouldn't make it. And after all that, Jerremie is still here."

Her sister, Brandie Fisk, said she practically lives at the North Carolina medical facility and so the nurses banded together to do something for Heidi to cheer her up.

“One of the [nurses] down there is always on the same floor. They got tired of seeing her so depressed and sad. They wanted to do something about it. So they come up with the wedding idea,” said Brandie.

One of the hospital Chaplains presided over the wedding and nurses chipped in their own time and money to buy decorations, food and drinks. A cake was also made. 

“Her being sick and scarred she has lost a lot of confidence but just watching her be able to get married with someone she’s known for such a long time was probably was one of the most marvelous things we’ve seen,” Brandie said.

Several friends and family came down to participate in the wedding with Heidi, who is originally from Virginia, and she was able to stand for the 20-minute ceremony and dance the first dance.

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Although Brandie said Heidi was drained and exhausted after the wedding, it was all worth it.

“I’m happy he just got her dream to come true,” said Brandie.

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