Suspect Killed After Bank Robbery Gone Awry

A bank robber was killed after using a hostage as a human shield in an attempt to evade police outside a Capitol One bank in Takoma Park, Maryland. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The situation outside a Capitol One bank in Takoma Park, Maryland was tense as a robber used a female hostage as a human shield as he tried to evade police.

The suspect held a gun to a terrified bank teller's head as he walked her towards the parking lot, forcing police to back off.

As they moved away from the bank, a dye pack hidden in a stack of cash exploded, sending a cloud of red dye into the air.
Suddenly, the robber slipped on ice and momentarily lost his grip on the hostage, giving her a chance to run for her life.

The robber raised his gun as if to open fire, but he was taken down by police.

"The suspect went down, was taken into custody, the suspect is dead," Takoma Park Police Chief Ronald Ricucci told reporters.

Police surrounded the bank within 20 seconds of an alarm being triggered. They say that before exiting with the hostage teller as his human shield, the robber pistol-whipped another teller.

One police officer was shot in the leg, but his injury is reportedly not life threatening.