Wedding Crasher! Bridal Party Scrambles to Get Away as Tree Snaps

The couple believe the tree snap is a sign of good luck.

A bridal party was forced to flee when a tree snapped in two during a wedding in Lexington, Kentucky, over the weekend.

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Thankfully no one was hurt.

The videographer, Michelle Scott of Summit Stone Creations, captured the heart-stopping moment.

She told Inside Edition: “When she got down the aisle, the tree started to crack and people started running.”

Inside Edition caught up with newlyweds Ashley and Zac Brown in Ireland, where they're honeymooning.

"When we stood up, we checked to make sure everyone was okay," he said. 

Ashley and Zac ended up moving the vows indoors. They're taking the tree snap as a sign of good luck.

"I said: 'I will never forget our wedding,'" Ashley said. 

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Scott added: "It started out a little unnerving and little scary but it turned into a funny story they get to share for a lifetime."

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