Once a Marine, Soon to Be a Marine: Couple's Unborn Baby Salutes Soldier Dad in Sonogram

A couple's baby saluted his Marine dad during a ultrasound visit.

A Georgia woman and her Marine boyfriend got a huge surprise when they saw their unborn baby saluting them on an ultrasound.

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Mehgan Merriott, 22, who is 3 months pregnant, went for a regular ultrasound when her dad pointed out the baby’s salutation.

“We looked at it and it pulled on the heartstrings,” Merriott said.

Merriott's boyfriend, Robert Charles Cooper Jr, served four years in the Marines, including a tour in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Cooper’s grandfather, who died several years ago, was also in the military and served in the Vietnam and Korean Wars. Given that history, seeing the image was especially sentimental for Cooper. 

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“[Robert] was pretty excited given his military background. It was right around his grandfather’s birthday so it was a touching moment,” said Merriott.

The couple will find out the gender of their little soldier at the end of this month. 

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