Mother Allegedly Murders Her Teenage Kids

It's the story that's stunned the nation of a woman who allegedly murdered her teenage children for being mouthy to her. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking details. 

A 50-year-old mom who says she murdered her two teenaged children because they talked back, appears before a judge for the first time.

Julie Schenecker, the wife of a U.S. Army Colonel, was in shackles with deputing holding each arm. She said nothing during the two minute hearing held on closed circuit TV.

"Due to the nature of your charges, you are obviously going to be held in jail without bond," says the judge.

There was no sign during the hearing of the shocking, trembling and shaking that could be seen following her arrest, for murdering her kids in Tampa, Florida.

Police say she shot 13-year-old Beau in her car on their way to soccer practice. Then she went home and shot her 16-year-old daughter Calyx in the face as she sat in her room doing homework.

Schenecker told police she did it "because they talked back and were mouthy".

INSIDE EDITION has learned she was investigated for alleged child abuse last November and was in family counseling.

According to documents, she admitted she "backhanded her daughter in the face three times" during an argument in a car. No charges were filed.

Two days later, Schenecker was involved in a car accident and "showed signs of drug impairment".  

Psychiatrist, Gail Saltz tells INSIDE EDITION, "All of those things put together you would hope would make someone go on in be pretty thorough about whether this mother still had the capacity to still care for these children."

Her husband is a Colonel in military intelligence serving in the Middle East. He has returned to Florida to face a family in ruins.