Pup Squeals Excitedly While Reuniting With Owner After Being Lost and Trapped Under Car for Days

Luna slipped out of her collar and ran away during a walk with her owner after her brother was hit by a car speeding through a crosswalk.

This pup just can't contain her excitement during an emotional reunion with her owner in California after being lost and trapped under a car for days.

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Luna slipped out of her collar and ran away during a walk with her owner after the canine's brother was hit by a car speeding through a crosswalk, according to Hope for Paws.

The other dog suffered only minor wounds but, terrified, Luna disappeared from her owner for nearly four days.

That's when Allison Dunbar, an actress from L.A., spotted the poor pup.

"I was just driving and I saw a dog hiding beneath a car," Dunbar could be heard saying in a call to the Hope for Paws' emergency line. "I pulled over, I tried to pull the dog out but it was so scared."

Actress Allison Dunbar poses with Luna after her rescue. (Photo Courtesy of Diana Lundin)

In a video by Hope for Paws, Dunbar can then be seen throwing pieces of a burger under the car toward the poor pup, as she tried to coax him out.

Terrified, the dog simply turned away.

Once Eldad Hagar, founder of Hope for Paws, arrived, they quickly put a plastic fence and cloth netting to seal off the area around the car, worrying the terrified pup might bolt out from under the car, and be hit by another car.

The Hagar wrapped a leash around his neck and slowly but surely, he was able to get the terrified dog out.

Once safe, Dunbar and the volunteer discovered the pup was wearing a microchip.

The veterinarian treated Luna for her minor wounds as her owner was contacted, and came to pick her up.

Luna is ecstatic to be reunited with her brother, left, and her owner, right. (Photo courtesy of Diana Lundin)

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Even though Luna was nervous and shaking when approaching her owner, she quickly becomes excited as she realized she's home, safe and sound. 

In photographs later taken by Diana Lundin, Luna could be seen beaming beside her owner, her brother, and the two people responsible for saving her life.

Actress Allison Dunbar and Hope for Paws founder Eldad Hagar join Luna and her family in a group portrait. (Photo courtesy of Diana Lundin)

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