Twist of Date: Woman Fuming After Meeting Tinder Match on Yacht, Along With 5 Others

This woman took to Facebook Live to record the disastrous meet-up.

A date with a handsome man aboard a yacht may sound like a Cinderella story, but he was no prince.

Kayla Hutch, 24, recorded herself live on yacht in the middle of Lake Michigan to vent about the man who she says asked herself out on a date along with lots of other woman.

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Hutch said she met Emad Perotta on Tinder, the mobile phone hook-up app.

"I was told I was gonna be this guy's date but then I get there and it's me and all these girls and it turns out they all met him on Tinder," she told Inside Edition.

She was on a yacht filled with passengers and she says they included five other dates he invited.

She even caught him on tape making out with one of the other women.

“I was really annoyed, I wanted to get off the boat but I was in the middle of Lake Michigan,” she said.

She made the best of it, recording his antics as she snacked on Doritos with another one of his dates.

She recalled: "He came over to me and put his arm around me saying, 'don’t be awkward or uncomfortable,' but I was over it immediately."

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Luckily, Hutch was able to hitch a ride back to shore after one of the guy's dates called a friend who happened to be on the lake in another boat.

For any guys looking to find love on an app like Tinder, Hutch has a simple message: "Don’t invite a bunch of women on a date."

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