Would You Give Up a Seat for a Pregnant Woman? Putting New Yorkers to the Test

Are folks really as rude as Olivia Wilde described them in her shaming Twitter post?

In 2016, could chivalry be dead?

Pregnant actress Olivia Wilde took to Twitter earlier this week to blast the rude people who she says left her standing on the subway in New York.

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On Wednesday, she tweeted:

Inside Edition took to the New York City subway system to test out if anyone would give a seat for reporter Ann Mercogliano who is 7 months pregnant.

Mercogliano didn’t have to stand for long as someone graciously gave up their seat.

Next, she stood at the bottom of a long flight of stairs with a suitcase. People rushed by without any offers to help until a man finally helped her out.

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Another test occurred as she was rushing around the congested city, looking for a taxi.

Mercogliano admitted she was being a little pushy, standing right in front of people who were already hailing cabs.

One lady gave up her cab without any hesitation.

Mercogliano said she was "touched" by the gesture. 

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