Woman Allegedly Hides Marijuana in Child's Lunch Box as She's Pulled Over by Cops

The Florida woman admits she 'messed up.'

It was a bad case of the lunchies.

Florida woman Tasha Sims, 33, was arrested Wednesday after she allegedly hid a gram of marijuana and a grinder in a pink lunch box that belonged to her niece, who was reportedly in the car with her.

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Sims has been charged with possession of marijuana, driving with a suspended license, and neglect without great bodily harm, according to court records.

Police said they pulled over Sims after running the tags of her blue Infiniti and seeing that her license was suspended. When they approached her car the officer noted that it smelled strongly of marijuana and he asked her twice if she had anything illegal in the car – to which she finally admitted she did, police said.

“I got some s*** in the car,” Sims allegedly told police.

Smith told police she put it in there when she was being pulled over because she was scared and instructed the child not to touch it, police said.

She eventually admitted that she made a bad choice, police said

“I messed up. It was wrong,” she told police, according to said. Police then arrested Sims.

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The child was returned to her mom.

“Did you put hide pot in a little’s girl’s lunch box?” an Orlando Sentinel reporter asked Tasha Sims on camera, to which Sims responded “Are we done?” and flipped her hair.

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