Shooter Targets Cops as 6 Victims Shot in 'Completely Bizarre' Philadelphia Rampage

The suspect in a wild chase through the streets of West Philadelphia carried a rambling note detailing his hatred for officers, cops say.

A shooter took police in Phildelphia on a wild chase through the streets that left six people shot, including one woman who was fatally injured in the Friday rampage.

The as yet unnamed shooter reportedly set out to harm police officers specifically as he ran through the streets and opened fire on both law enforcement officials and random citizens who had the misfortune to cross his path.

The suspect managed to shoot two officers before police cornered him in a West Philadelphia alley, where he was fatally shot.

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Police Commissioner Richard Ross said at a press conference that authorities discovered a rambling note on the suspect's person that detailed his hatred of police and named a specific parole officer as a target.

"Clearly, we have a lot of unasnwered questions," Ross said. "This is a completely bizarre situation."

Bizarre because the shooter first seemed to target police before he suddenly targetted victims at random and at one point even used a woman as a human shield from gunfire.

Ross said the suspect first approached the police cruiser belonging to Sergeant Sylvia Young around 11:20 p.m. He opened fire and authorities believe Young was struck in her ballistic vest as well as multiple times in the arm.

Officers in the area heard the gunfire, which started their pursuit.

As he fled, the gunman shot into the open door of a bar, Ross said, striking a security guard. As a woman left or fled that same bar, the suspect grabbed a woman and proceeded to use her as a human shield.

The gunman then shot the woman in the leg, Ross said.

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As the rampage continued, Ross said the shooter came across a white car "that had nothing to do with him" and opened fire on its occupants.

A man and woman were hit in the chest and rushed to the hospital in critical condition. The woman has since died.

The chase then continued into an alley, where a University of Pennsylvania officer engaged with the suspect. That officer, former City of Philadelphia police sergeant Eddie Miller, was shot before the suspect was shot and killed by police.

Both Miller and Young were up and talking Saturday morning.

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