Surfer Survives Monster Wave

INSIDE EDITION talks to the surfer who nearly lost his life in a monster wave that took over a surfing competition near San Francisco last week.

He's the surfer who stared death in the face when that freak monster wave sucked him down into the depths. Now he's reliving the nightmare that landed him in the intensive care unit.

The ordeal started when Jacob Trette and some buddies were making the most of the waves at a surfers' paradise near San Francisco. Suddenly, out of nowhere, this 35-foot monster roars in. Fifteen or more surfers are caught totally unaware.

Trette tells INSIDE EDITION, "I was in the exact wrong spot and there was no way out. The next wave completely obliterated me, and I was knocked out."

Trette's surfboard bobs up, with no sign of Trette. When he does finally surface, unconscious, rescuers race him to the shore on a jet ski.

Trette was medevaced out to the hospital, where he lay in a medically induced coma for three days. Trette is now recovering at his home outside Los Angeles.

His mother can barely believe he survived and says, "It's a mother's worst nightmare."

But despite his brush with death, Trette says he can't wait to get back on his surfboard.