Starbucks Worker Delivers Coffee and Pastries to New York Officers After Explosion

A Starbucks employee working near the site of the explosion in Chelsea bought coffee and pastries for New York's finest.

Amid the chaos following Saturday night's explosion in New York, a small act of kindness is touching hearts across the city.

A Starbucks employee working near the site of the explosion delivered coffee and pastries to NYPD officers, and the sweet act was caught on camera.

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The video, which was uploaded to Facebook by KnightNews, shows the moment the worker, Jermaine, stopped by one of the closed-off streets to hand over the bags of treats, coffee and cups to the grateful officers.

"We wanted to give y'all some coffee," he tells a police officer, an EMT and a fire department worker.

"Thank you so much, man," one officer tells him.

Jermaine tells them he works at 23rd Street and Fifth Avenue, just a block from the explosion.

"Y'all enjoy," he adds. "I wish I could give a little more."

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On Monday, authorities said they were looking for a foreign-born U.S. citizen in connection with the bomb, which injured 29 people when it exploded Saturday night. 

Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, is believed to have been seen near the area. 

They are also seeking him in connection with a second pressure cooker-style explosive device that was found on 27th Street and subsequently removed. Several similar devices were detonated or discovered in New Jersey over the weekend.

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