Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab

After what's being called an "epic party" in his Beverly Hills mansion, Charlie Sheen has entered rehab. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

She's the porn star who claims she was with Charlie Sheen for 36 hours at the so-called "epic party" that led him to finally check into rehab. 22-year-old Kacey Jordan tells INSIDE EDITION she had no idea the actor was so troubled.

"I didn't really expect the night to end the way it did. I mean I heard rumors, but I really didn't know the extremity of his addiction and what I was getting myself into," said Jordan.

Details are also emerging from the 911 call made the day Sheen was rushed to the emergency room. The call, made by his neighbor, Dr. Paul Nassif, described Sheen as "intoxicated" and suffering from chest and abdominal pains.

Dr. Nassif's wife, Adrienne, is a star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Sheen left his Beverly Hills home to check into an undisclosed rehab facility on Saturday. So who convinced Sheen, who's said to be in denial about his problems, to finally seek the help he needs? According to several reports, it was his dad, actor Martin Sheen.

With Sheen in rehab, Two and a Half Men, the most-watched comedy on TV, has been put on hiatus. There are two new episodes in the can, scheduled to start airing next week. Believe it or not, the episode airing February 7th is reportedly titled "Three Hookers and a Philly Cheesesteak."

Sheen's twin sons with estranged wife Brooke Mueller, Bob and Max, are blissfully unaware of the drama surrounding their dad. The adorable toddlers were out with their nanny in Malibu.

And Sheen's assistant was spotted shopping at an upscale grocery store, apparently picking up his boss' favorite comfort food. He bought three cart fulls of groceries!