Watch This Bear Play Tourist as It Checks Out City's Fur Shop and Pizza Hut

The bear had things to do.

A bear caught the attention of police after it was spotted walking around Anchorage, behaving like a regular tourist as it took in the sights and sounds of the major Alaskan city.

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Anchorage police filmed the massive black bear from their squad cars Friday as they watched it check out a fur shop and walk to the entrance of a hotel before making its way to a cemetery and the local Pizza Hut.

The bear was on a mission to fulfill its weekend errands, clearly.

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The police posted about the incident on Facebook and said: “Sometimes it can be extremely difficult to catch an eluding suspect… especially when they are wild, unpredictable and have four feet. This black bear went on a tour of downtown Anchorage last night and fortunately no one was hurt.

"Police would like to remind folks to keep as much distance as possible between yourself and wildlife during a rare encounter like this.”

They edited a music video of the bear’s afternoon to the classic Bobby Fuller song, “I Fought the Law.”

With the help of the state’s Fish and Game personnel, they were "peacefully able to apprehend the bear."

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