NYC Bombing Suspect a Deadbeat Dad Once Accused of Stabbing His Own Brother: Reports

He spent a year in Pakistan where he met his wife and apparently stayed near a Taliban hotspot.

More information about the life of the New Jersey terror suspect who is accused of setting off a bomb in Manhattan is emerging.

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Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, once spent a year in Pakistan and reportedly traveled several times to the country in the last decade.

During his most recent trip, he met his wife and one of his excursions included the Taliban stronghold of Quetta according to reports. He also visited his native Afghanistan.

Prior to Saturday’s bombings in New Jersey and the Chelsea section of Manhattan, Rahami’s wife left for the Middle East. His mother also left for Turkey three weeks ago. According to reports, his father knew nothing of the planned attacks.

Rahami was accused of stabbing his brother in the leg in 2014, according to a court document obtained by He spent 3 months in jail on weapons and aggravated assault charges due to the incident. A grand jury opted not to indict him.

He attended Edison High School in New Jersey and went to his prom with his girlfriend, whom he had gotten pregnant. She told the The New York Times: "My heart is just broken. I don't even know what to think."

The former girlfriend, who has not been identified, is now reportedly accusing Rahami of being a deadbeat dad.

Rahami is now at University Hospital in Newark, New Jersey, recovering from the gunshot wounds he sustained in that dramatic shootout with cops Monday morning.

He's reportedly refusing to cooperate with authorities, not even giving up his name.

His sister wrote on Facebook: "I would like people to respect my family's privacy and let us have our peace after this tragic time."

Three hours after Rahami’s name and wanted poster were released by authorities on Monday morning, he was found sleeping in the doorway of a bar in Linden, New Jersey about 13 miles from New York City.

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Rahami was still conscious when he was loaded onto a gurney and placed in an ambulance.

His family owns a restaurant called First American Fried Chicken in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

FBI agents raided the family's apartment above the restaurant.

Rahami has been charged with five counts of attempted murder of a law enforcement officer and two gun charges. His bail has been set at $5.2 million.

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